Cauliflower Cheese Recipe

Who doesn’t know about cauliflower cheese? It is probably the most widely-known dish revolving around the tender cauliflower. This cauliflower cheese recipe will go over the process to create it in your home. This section falls in line with other cauliflower recipes, and for that matter, the cauliflower soup recipe – yet another iconic dish that is served with this delicate vegetable. Not only is this dish easy to make, but it has traditional roots in Britain, and serves as a completely simple yet delicious and elegant appetizer or meal for any time of the day.

Cauliflower Cheese Recipe: What You Will Need

Cauliflower Cheese Recipe

Cauliflower Cheese Recipe

Get one medium cauliflower, about a pound worth. Of course, home-grown cauliflower is best, and you can find out how to grow cauliflower yourself in another section. Make sure you have salt and freshly-ground black pepper; a pinch equivalent will do. Get 2 ounces of butter and all-purpose flour. Mustard powder is optional, as you will only need a teaspoon. Get a pint of milk, any kind, but whole is preferable. You will also need to get some Cheddar cheese, about 50 grams or so, plus some extra for grating on top.

Cauliflower Cheese Recipe: Preparation

The final and biggest step in this cauliflower cheese recipe. You will want to heat your oven to 395° F. Set a pot of water to boil. In the meantime, you should pull the white curd head from the cauliflower from the leaves. Place it into the pot and steam it for about 10 minutes or so. Once that is finished, remove it from the heat and leave it out.

Next you will make what is called a roux, which combines one source fat and one source flour to thicken a sauce at its base. Get a large saucepan, and put it to low heat on your stove. Put in the butter, and allow it to melt a little. Before it is completely melted, dump in the flour, and whisk vigorously.

As you whisk, incorporate the salt and, if applicable, the mustard powder. Stir for about two more minutes. Once it starts to bubble and smell nutty, add in the milk before the mixture burns, whisking vigorously at this time. Turn the heat on your stove to medium. Adjust the thickness by adding more milk, as needed, but most times this is not necessary. Kill the heat and pour in the grated Cheddar cheese, mixing until it has combined with the sauce into a luscious, smooth cheese reduction.

Break up the florets of the cauliflower, but not too small. Put them in a baking dish. Pour your newly-prepared cheese sauce all over the surface of them. Hopefully you have saved some of the Cheddar, since now is a good time to sprinkle the rest on top of the dish. Add anything you like here; whichever seasonings you prefer. Put the dish back in the oven and bake for another 20-30 minutes, or until everything on top is bubbly and light brown.

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